I like nintendo plus drawing. maybe comics maybe good art

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Aug 30 '14

splatoon ;_;

Tags: splatoon wip sketchbook shoes

Aug 26 '14

Tags: yonkoma Star Fox five nights at freddy's project guard

Aug 23 '14

i dont have any sketches so here’re some old miiverse drawings

Tags: miiverse a link between worlds triforce

Aug 23 '14



sketches of game is pretty fun

Insanely cute and insanely dangerous! lol
These are really good sketches! where’d you learn how to draw mechanics/robots so well? owo

Thanks! Ever since I was little, I’ve been fascinated with machines, like traffic lights and garage door openers…Actually, I’m supposed to be a smart engineer, but lost my way

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Aug 21 '14

sketches of game is pretty fun

Tags: sketchbook assault android cactus holly

Aug 18 '14
hmm sketches this week

hmm sketches this week

Tags: sketchbook parents zelda williams robin williams

Aug 11 '14

Tags: yonkoma hyrule warriors ganondorf ganondorf's hair

Aug 3 '14

Tags: yonkoma Monster Hunter the legend of zelda

Jul 28 '14

Tags: yonkoma chrom fire emblem awakening captain falcon Super Smash Bros.

Jul 26 '14

Tags: kill la kill captain underpants nudist beach while other people have lives guess what im doing friday night